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What are auto carriers, their types, and how to choose one

Auto carriers are companies that ship vehicles from one destination to another. You depend on your car to get you safely where you need to go, so when it comes time to get your car somewhere, you need to find an auto carrier you can depend on, too. While the basics of vehicle shipment are the same, auto shippers vary widely in their expertise, experience, and professionalism. AutoTransportDepot (ATD) has thoroughly vetted all of the best carriers in our database to ensure that they are truly the industry's best - because that's what you deserve.

Open and Closed Carriers

Most car shipping companies offer both open and closed transport options, but you'll want to verify which type of carrier your car will be on. For most personal or family vehicles, an open carrier is perfectly sufficient. This is the usual method of transport and is also cheaper.

If, however, you have an antique, collector, or sports car of great value, or if you want extra protection against weather and road debris, you may opt for an enclosed car carrier. This type of transport is more expensive, but your car is completely protected and, in some cases, the carrier can even be temperature controlled.

Expedited auto shippers

If you're in a hurry to get your car to its destination, look for an auto shipper with expedited shipping options. You'll probably have to pay more because of the additional manpower needed to haul freight continuously, but depending on your destination, this method of shipping could get your vehicle where it needs to go in a matter of hours. When time is of the essence, expedited shippers are there to help.

Door-to-Door Services

What could be more convenient than having your vehicle picked up from wherever it's parked and dropped off directly at its destination? With door-to-door service, that's exactly what happens - the auto carrier loads the car from one driveway and unloads it into another. You don't have to drive anywhere or do anything other than hand over the keys. Best of all, this service is usually included in the service quotation, so you won't be paying more for the convenience. It's just part of the great service you get with ATD's shipping network.

Carrier Licensing and Insurance Requirements

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires all carriers to have both liability and cargo insurance to ensure your vehicle is protected during transport no matter what. Liability insurance protects you from damages caused by human error or neglect, while cargo insurance protects in the case of damage during the act of transport.

All of the auto carriers in ATD's network carry adequate insurance and have all of the appropriate certificates and licenses. In addition, however, we've partnered with companies whose professionalism and expertise are never in question and who go above and beyond to provide more than just the basic requirements to satisfy the FMCSA. Their goal, like ours, is to satisfy you, the customer, and that's a much higher standard - one we're constantly meeting or exceeding.

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