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Auto Transport can be a complex task when the process isn't completely understood. One of the first questions you should ask your auto transporter is if they are insured, licensed and bonded.

There are 2 common types of insurance that you must ask about before the transporter makes a pickup or delivery of your vehicle. The first is Liability insurance. This coverage will cover the contents of what's carried on the transporter. In the event the carrier flips over, hits an over pass or burns to the ground in most cases you are safe because the umbrella coverage can reach $1,000,000. The other type of insurance that is important is called cargo insurance. This would be your scratch and dent insurance. Most of the claims we see are from the occasional errors that happen while loading and unloading the truck. Make sure you ask what the deductible is on the cargo coverage. The deductibles range from $0 to $5,000 in many cases. This is important to note because if you have slight damage to your vehicle during the auto transport process and the total damaged amount is less then the deductible, chances are a claim cant be filed. At this point the carrier has to make the repair or pay for the repair and this isn't always an simple situation.

In order to find out if a carrier is licensed and bonded visit the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administrations web site located at Its very easy to log on to this web site and perform a search by the carriers name to get your confirmation.

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