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Supercar Parade!

Everyone loves a parade–especially a parade of supercars!

This particular parade happened at the 2011 Goodwood Festival, where drivers came to show off their super-powered, super-pricey automobiles to those of us who can only dream of one day driving something similar. (Only by that time supercars will likely fly!)

Ford Puma Shows Off

When it comes trick driving you might not think “front-wheel-drive Ford Puma” but then again, you likely haven’t seen this video.

Watch the video below and tell us in the Comments if you’ve changed your mind:

Muscle Car Burnouts!

Say what you will about the way muscle cars look, or their raw power, or even their snazzy chrome plated motor parts–the fact is, what we all love most about muscle cars is the horrific sounds they make doing burnouts.

With this in mind we offer you this delicious little video of some of the hottest muscle cars around doing dreadful things to their tires…

Bugatti vs Koenigsegg

Koenigsegg makes some of the fastest street legal super cars on the planet today. Of course, so does Bugatti. With price tags in the similar range fans of each of these vehicles are often at odds over which is better (i.e.–faster.)

This race will likely just add fuel to that fiery debate:

Who Said Mini Vans Are Slow?

If you’re tired of getting stares from guys in muscle cars every time you pull your mini van to the stop light, check this out. Some guys added twin turbo gas powered helicopter engines to their mini van.
No, it doesn’t fly, but it does “fly” off the line!