Monthly Archives: August 2013

Ford Puma Shows Off

When it comes trick driving you might not think “front-wheel-drive Ford Puma” but then again, you likely haven’t seen this video.

Watch the video below and tell us in the Comments if you’ve changed your mind:

The Future Of Transportation Is In Your Mind

One of the greatest things about the wave of technology is that it is finally coming within reach of every one. That means people, especially those who are mechanically inclined, have better access to the nuts and bolts that make modern machines, in particular electric ones, run. This coupled with the ability to build a fiberglass chassis, buy used parts just about any where and modify them or simply manufacture your own, means that enterprise folks can build their own automobile of the future.

Take a look at this electric vehicle built by a high school student in his garage:

If you’ve been thinking about taking a crack at building your own vehicle–whether electric or gas or something completely unique–we’d love to hear about it!

Muscle Car Burnouts!

Say what you will about the way muscle cars look, or their raw power, or even their snazzy chrome plated motor parts–the fact is, what we all love most about muscle cars is the horrific sounds they make doing burnouts.

With this in mind we offer you this delicious little video of some of the hottest muscle cars around doing dreadful things to their tires…