Social Media May Solve Vehicle Issues

A new type of technology might just allow automobile manufacturers to scour social media sites for posts relating to vehicle defects.

This new technology would allow faster detection of vehicle defects and give automobile manufacturers a heads-up before a problem gets out of hand. The technology allows users to search multiple brands across the broad spectrum of social media platforms. It can locate, automatically, any comments made about a particular brand; model of vehicle or manufacturer. This information can be collated and disseminated to specific manufacturers or even departments within their organization.

This information would be useful for manufacturers in finding a problem with a particular vehicle before a major incident occurs, or identify a problem among a small user group. This information is critical for automobile manufacturers trying to stay abreast of the millions upon millions of vehicles they have sold.

There are only so many ways to identify when a vehicle has a problem. Chiefly this is accomplished by waiting until vehicle owners start writing to the manufacturers or showing up at the dealerships with their problem and letting the mechanics sort it out.

There are currently more than one billion people currently using social media on a daily basis. The sheer volume of information contained in their daily posts, where they are likely to share details about there daily comings-and-goings is full of useful information for not just automobile manufacturers but nearly every company that sells just about anything.

If automobile manufacturers are able to better sort through and analyze this information they will be in a much better position to ensure the safety of their customers and the vehicles they sell.