‘Greenest’ Car of 2013

According to the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy the ‘greenest’ car of 2013 is the downsized Toyota Prius C. To be fair, the Honda Fit EV scored a very close second.

Both cars were rated based on their environmental impact (or lack thereof) using fuel economy and emissions data obtained from the Environmental Protection Agency. The council makes this list every year, and every year a different set of cars get the tag of having the “Right Stuff” or the “Green Stuff”.

Only cars which are being mass produced are considered for the list. This is so consumers can actually use the list to make their next new car purchase, if they so desire it. The idea is to rank the vehicles so it shows not just how environmentally sound they are but also how effective they are as a mode of transportation.

Consumers have expressed a very real desire for alternative fuel powered vehicles, but they are also showing that they are confused about just how ‘green’ these vehicles are and how they compare. They also have concerns about how reliable these vehicles are and whether or not, if they buy one, they will be able to find service for it if/when they need it.

As time goes by and vehicles such as the Toyota Prius return year after year and continue to boast improvements with each new model, consumers are slowly beginning to realize that these vehicles are here to stay and getting better all the time. If these vehicles continue to improve, and continue to build on their reputations as being reliable, better, alternatives to fossil fueled vehicles then it seems likely they will eventually win over more and more of the consumer automobile buying public.