Unlicensed Tow Truck Driver Wreaks Havoc In New York

As if it isn’t hard enough to find a place to park, an unscrupulous independent tow truck drive in Floral Park, New York, has been busted for illegally towing vehicles which were legally parked.

Police say Christopher Capurso, 22, would cruise around Long Island putting up his own “Tow Away Zone” signs at local businesses, then start towing vehicles parked in those zones. He did this without the permission of business owners, and without telling them what he was doing.

The signs had Capurso’s phone number so vehicle owners who returned to find their vehicles missing would call direct to him. Of course he demanded $200 cash only, which meant there was no record of the transaction having taken place. Police know of at least seven vehicles towed in this fashion, parked at a local dry cleaner, a church and a gym, but they fear even more people were victims.

For future reference, if your vehicle is towed be certain you verify with the business owner which towing service they use, and make certain you receive a receipt. Of course the best advice is to be certain you do not park in a “Tow Away Zone” in the first. And if you know it wasn’t a tow away zone when you parked there, before you call the towing service, better call the police, just in case.