Flying Cars Are Actually Here!

You’ve no doubt seen The Jetsons, or at least heard of them, which means you already know the future promises us robot maids, life in space and flying cars to get us around.

What you might not know is that although robot maids and life in space are not quite available for everyone, flying cars certainly are.

I can name two fully functioning, available-for-sale-right-now flying cars just off the top of my head: The Terrafugia Transition and the Maverick. Each has a decidedly different design, but is a tried and true roadworthy aircraft. That means you can cruise down the highway at 55mph and/or take to the skies. Each of these vehicles has a unique method for getting to and from the skies.

The Maverick is akin to an off-road vehicle that uses a type of sailboat mast and an ultralight wing to get aloft. It has been thoroughly tested and buyers have been flying them around the United States.

The Terrafugia uses something more like a fixed-wing (make that foldable wing design) which means the vehicle folds up its wings when it goes on the road and unfolds them when it’s ready for flight.

Regardless of which vehicle you choose you are going to be shelling out close to $100,000 to get on the road and in the air, but the fact remains that flying cars do indeed exist. In fact, although the Maverick and Terrafugia are the two most readily available flying cars, more are coming. Sooner than you think.