Russia Takes Aim At Supercar Market

France is know for its Bugatti (although now a company owned by Volkswagen) and Italy is known for its Lamborghini. The United States has its Ford Mustang GT and England has the hand built stainless steel Noble M600. Until now Russia has been mostly on its own when it comes to supercars, with nothing to offer the world market.

But all that is about to change as the new B2 built by Marussia Motors in Russia (with some assembly in Finland) is nearly ready for the consumer market. The prototype B2 designed by Russian actor and racing driver Nikolai Fomenko is already turning heads among supercar aficionados who simply cannot wait to get their hands on one. Even Electronic Arts, the designers of the uber-popular racing game “Need For Speed”, have already included one as an option in their massive multi-player online game. However despite the anxious crowds the B2 is not expected to hit the consumer market for at least a year.

Some have questioned whether or not the B2 will truly classify as a Russian-made supercar since some manufacturing and assembly will be done in Finland, but Marussia Motors says more than 85 percent of the machine will come from locally manufactured parts and the car was designed by Russians, so therefore is a Russian supercar.

Whatever. The B2 is clearly something different and a welcome change of pace from the supercar market which is being overrun by Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porche. This is something different, designed by a country and a company that is desperately trying to bring something new to the playing field. What is at stake is more than just their honor as an automobile and supercar manufacturing authority, but also as a country which is moving forward; shaking off their reputation (deserved or not) for designing vehicles which are something decidedly less than stellar.