No ‘Super-Car Taxis’ In Jakarta

If you’re interested in starting a taxis service using super cars in Jakarta, Indonesia, there seems to be a great deal of interest already. In fact, a recent publicity stunt by a Jakarta bank showed that not only is there interested in a super car taxis service, but if you promise one and don’t actually deliver on that promise, people are likely to get angry.

That was the lesson learned by Indonesia’s largest bank, Mandiri, after it start rumors about the new super car taxis service and even decked out some Porsche and Ferrari vehicles as if they were going into service and sending them out around the city if Jakarta. Unfortunately which have seemed like a great idea at the time, didn’t work out quite the way they intended:

But it turns out that the company never existed and it was just an extremely elaborate marketing campaign by Indonesia’s biggest bank, Mandiri.

The bright-yellow super-cars were fitted with taxi signage and MM Cabs logos but were nothing more than a publicity campaign for Bank Mandiri’s new smartphone App for iPhones and Androids.

Hoards of excited Jakartans flocked to MM Cabs Twitter page expecting to find out more about the exclusive offering and it was from there that the confusing publicity stunt became clear.

The social media followers were then able to click a link which took them to Mandiri’s website which was promoting the new mobile banking app.

The campaign is thought to have cost the company a whopping £135,500 which includes renting the two super cars.

The other thing they might have considered is the fact that local traffic rarely gets up to speeds over 25mph so all that horsepower is pretty much just wasted space.