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Chevy Cruze Recalled — Twice

General Motors has finally relented to demands that they take a closer look at their Chevy Cruze and is now recalling more than 450,000 of them. All the Cruze vehicles which have been recalled are based in the United States and Canada. GM says it plans to modify parts that could cause fires in the engine compartment (something buyers have said has been happening.)

Nothing can ruin your Sunday drive like a fire in the engine compartment.

The second recall GM announced for the Chevy Cruze only involves about 61,000 Cruzes that may have problems with welds in the rear of the vehicles. Another problem with your Sunday drive might be the rear end breaking loose and cruising past you on the highway. Not that that has happened, but faulty welds can produce all manner of problems for vehicle owners and drivers.

The worst part of the story for GM (beside needing to recall almost half a million vehicles) is the fact that the Cruze is their second-best selling vehicle and has been touted by the company as a symbol of their resurgence as one of the world’s premier automobile manufacturers. Problems with the Cruze aside, it has proven to be popular with new car buyers who like it because it is sporty, futuristic and gets decent gas mileage.

Unfortunately, engine compartment fires and poor welds on the rear end are a different story. These are serious issues which owners are hoping the company can fix. The company hopes these problems do not set them back on their track toward continued success, but much of that will depend on how well they fix the problems for current owners and whether or not the problems with the Cruze line spread to other vehicles meaning it is a sign that their manufacturing and design process has further problems somewhere else.