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‘Coda’ Electric Car Gets 100 Miles Per Charge

The biggest draw back for consumers even slightly interested in purchasing an electric powered vehicle has been the limited range between charging. For the most part these vehicles will only get you about 50 miles before their battery packs run dry and you need a charging station to get back on the road again. If this were a five minute process and these charging stations were as ubiquitous as gasoline filling stations, that wouldn’t be so bad. However. charging stations are difficult, if not impossible to find, so most electric car owners are charging up at home. Also, the process to recharge fully depleted batteries means leaving them plugged in overnight if you need the battery on “full” the next day.

Coda, an independent car manufacturer in California, is trying to change all that with their new prototype mid-sized electric sedan known as, well, as ‘Coda.’

The ‘Coda is an all-electric vehicle which has an Environmental Protection Agency mileage rating of 88 miles on a single charge, and owners are reportedly getting 100 miles or more of use between charges. Plus, the specially designed 6.6-kilowatt onboard charger will replenish about 20 miles worth of driving distance for each hour it is plugged into any 240-volt source. That’s about twice as fast as owners have reportedly been charging their Nissan Leaf electric vehicles.

There are certainly some drawbacks to the new Coda, as expressed by drivers who complain that although the vehicle goes further on a charge than a comparable electric vehicle, it offers very little in the way of accommodations; the ride is rougher, there is no cruise control, no keyless entry or push-button start and no rear view back-up camera. For $35,000 consumers today expect their electric cars to deliver performance and all the amenities they have come to expect from a high-end motor vehicle. Anything less is going to be a tough sell to the general public no matter how far it goes on a single charge.