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Can’t DIY With Most Of Today’s Car

You can change DIY (Do It Yourself) to CDIY, or Can’t Do It Yourself-the motto of most of today’s automobile owners.

Today’s cars are much more complicated than ever before. They don’t require ‘grease monkeys’ as much as they do IT professionals because most of your cars systems are likely computer controlled.

This is hardly new. In fact, computerized systems have existed in vehicles since the 1980’s, but not to the extent they currently do. Lift the hood of a 2013 model vehicle and the chances are you won’t recognize anything you learned about in auto-shop class in high school. Without a special piece of computerized system analysis equipment you won’t be able to know exactly what is wrong with your car, beyond “it won’t start.”

Gone are the days when you could clean a carburetor to keep your vehicle running right. If you start digging around under the hood of your new vehicle, and you don’t know exactly what you are doing, you are liable to do much more harm than good. Your ignition system, environmental control systems, even the vehicle stabilization and control systems are all wired together through a central processing unit, just like your desktop computer only with a lot more horsepower.

Some might say today’s vehicles suffer from an over-reliance on technology to do what yesterday’s cars did just fine with simple mechanical systems. But the truth is that today’s vehicles do a whole lot more-and a whole lot better — as a result of these technologies. You simply can’t have the same sort of driving experience with an older vehicle that you have in a new car. And those computer systems have a lot to do with it.

So before you pop the hood and try to solve your next vehicle issue alone, give serious consideration to taking it to a trained professional. You might save yourself a lot of headaches and a lot of money.