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Street Racing Results In Flip

A 1968 Camaro is the perfect car to take down to your local race track and try out around the curves, or even on a supervised drag race. But if you race in the street the results might not be what you hoped for.

Such was the case for this unlucky racer. First, he smoked the tires coming off the line, then finished the race well ahead of his competition. Unfortunately, just seconds after crossing the finish line, the ’68 Camaro suddenly rolled over. You can tell from the cries of “oh no!” that nobody at the race expected him to roll, especially AFTER the race was finished. But the difference between what we expect and what we get is usually defined as an “accident.”

In this case the races were being supervised and the driver had installed special safety equipment, including a steel reinforced roll-cage meant to protect the occupants in the event of a crash. That might have something to do with the fact that he was able to storm off in a huff after the race instead of catching a ride in an ambulance.

Unfortunately he is still going to pay a hefty fee to get the body work, windshield and other repairs made to his car before he can take it out on the track again. I just hope he was insured.