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The Future Of Racing Is Likely ‘Lectric

A new racing series is heading for a city near you–a city which is looking toward the future and trying to embrace electric powered vehicles instead of their fossil-fuel powered ancestors. Called the Formula E series, the new racing league features only electric powered vehicles and is set to debut in 2014.

They are calling it the Electric Grand Prix.

It has been demonstrated repeatedly that electric powered vehicles have much more torque and a much faster acceleration off the starting line than fossil fuel powered vehicles. That means in the short run they can blow a petrol powered vehicle off the race track without blinking. The question then becomes whether or not they can be manufactured in such a way as to allow them to keep up that mind numbing speed and torque for a long distance race.

Actually, forget the race track, this new speed series will take place on city streets, specifically those cities which are embracing electric vehicles.

Formula E chief executive Alejandro Agag believes the future of the automotive industry, particularly in cities, is electric. He hopes the auto race will help promote the wider use of electric cars.

Agag wants the Formula E series to take place in “the heart” of the world’s leading towns. It will be showcased in “cities committed to clean mobility and sustainability,” Agag told CNN’s Quest Means Business. “We think we can be of help to those cities that are promoting the use of the electric car, by making it more popular.”

Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro has already signed up to host the first race in 2014. From there race organizers are hoping to spread to other cities around the world. Agag said cities in Asia and Europe has expressed interest and he hopes to bring the race to North America sooner or later.