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Fisker Recalls EV For Fire Risk

Fisker, maker of the latest in a long line of new electric vehicles, the Karma, is now recalling all 1900 Karma models they sold last year due to a risk of fire.

Vehicle recalls are nothing new for consumers. In fact, Ford, Mazda, GM and Volvo have all had major recalls far greater than the 1,900 vehicles Fisker is drawing back, but the fact that Fisker has only sold a handful of vehicles and already has a major recall is troubling.

In fact, this wasn’t even their first recall. They had one earlier this year which was caused by a problem with the battery:

“Cooling fans on all Karma models sold so far will be replaced, and an additional fuse will be installed as a secondary precaution. Fisker was quick to point out that the incident was in no way related to the battery pack or electric propulsion system, which the company addressed in a prior recall earlier this year, in which a faulty hose clamp could cause coolant leakage on the battery pack, possibly resulting in a short and a fire.”

No deaths or injuries were reported as a result of this problem, but clearly the company was concerned enough to recall all 2,000 of their Fisker Karma vehicles to fix the problem.

For those committed to using electric vehicles the recall will likely not be much a deterrent, however given the proliferation of alternative fueled vehicles, especially electric vehicles, they can always just move down to the next dealership rather than risk a company that might not have the most optimal designed vehicle.

Fisker is struggling with management and funding issues. They have burned through three CEO’s in the past year and the recent loss of funding from the Department of Energy has pushed back the release of their next model, the ‘Atlantic.’