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Consumer Reports ‘Best New Cars’

Consumers reports has released it’s list of the best new cars for 2013, and you’ll be forgiven for yawning at the fact a Honda sits at the top of the list. Specifically, the 2013 Honda Accord.

Honda vehicles repeatedly make ‘best’ lists from a multitude of motor vehicle organizations. And for good reason. Honda vehicles are known to retain their value longer than just about any other vehicle. This has a great deal to do with their quality manufacturing process; Honda vehicles simply don’t break down as often as similar vehicles.

It doesn’t hurt that Honda vehicles also perform well. These vehicles, by and large, not only start out performing well, but continue to perform well throughout their lives. Mileage is among the highest in class, and this is another factor in their popularity.

Honda vehicles also boast some of the best features in the automobile industry including a wealth of safety features and some of the best auto-tech available in modern day vehicles.

Now, it is certainly worth mentioning that all these features, the high resale value and the general quality of the Honda vehicle line mean that consumers will likely pay a premium to drive one. Because a Honda holds its resale value so well, even if a consumer chooses to buy a used Honda they are still likely to pay much more for it than if they choose a different make and model.

If consumers are looking for good quality in a more reasonably priced vehicle, Consumer Reports recommends they visit their local Hyundai lot. The Hyundai Elantra was chosen by Consumer Reports as the ‘Best Budget Car’. Hyundai quality has greatly improved in the past decade and the variety of vehicles they build mean consumers have a wide assortment of vehicles sizes and specifications available. Since they don’t quite have the same resale value of Honda, and are not nearly as popular as Honda, for consumers looking to buy a more reasonably priced vehicle which still offers high quality would do well to look at Hyundai.