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Ford Bets $1 Billion On Lincoln

Lincoln posted their worst sales in 32-months this past January, but Ford still believes the market is ripe for the picking and is investing $1 billion to turn the Lincoln luxury brand around and get those sales going in the other direction.

However, it is fair to expect some hiccups along the way and Ford is already dealing with its first batch. For instance, Ford says a lack of inventory available for its Lincoln MKZ model was responsible for the decline in sales last month. According to Ford the MKZ has more pre-orders than any vehicle in the company’s history. Demand is there, they say, but the supply has not been able to keep pace.

To help counter this they have begun shipping Lincoln MKZ models from their factory in Mexico to a plan in Michigan where they will inspect the vehicles to maintain quality.

The idea is sound: vehicles built in Mexico do not always meet the same standards as vehicles built north of the border. Ford knows this so they have taken steps to ensure that quality is paramount in their Lincoln brand. Without the level of quality luxury buyers have come to expect in a Lincoln having an abundance of vehicles available for them to buy is not going to help spur sales.

Luxury automobile buyers expect to pay more for their vehicles because the vehicles are higher quality. This quality then becomes the moniker of a “luxury” automobile. If the quality is not there, the buyers won’t be either. By making a commitment to maintaining their quality, but also making certain the supply is there for buyers, Ford is committing itself to keeping Lincoln alive without watering down the quality customers have come to expect.