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‘Anticollision Systems’ The New ‘Must-Have’ Feature

Nissan this week announced it would begin integrating an anticollision system in their 2015 model vehicles. These new systems have become quite sought after by consumers who are looking to buy vehicles with the very best safety features available.

Anticollision technology is not ‘autonomous’ driving–instead it bundles several features together to give the car some ability to help its driver avoid a collision automatically by reducing speed, applying the brakes, issuing an audible warning or even preventing the steering wheel from being turned if a collision would result.

These systems use a combination of embedded video cameras and proximity sensors to recognize obstacles, either other moving vehicles or stable objects such as light polls. The onboard computer inside the car is able to detect these objects and determine if a collision is eminent. If it is the car can automatically avoid these collisions by using its control systems.

When it comes to safety automobile consumers have repeatedly shown they are willing to pay more for a vehicle which has been proven to be safer. Whether it was seat belts, air bags or anti-lock brakes, consumers embraced these new features and sought vehicles primarily for these reasons.

Nissan is not the first automaker to pursue this tack. In fact, while other automakers have been furiously integrating these features into their current models, Nissan has been slow to adopt these systems. That is all about to change, however, with Nissan attempting to present vehicles with the most enhanced collision avoidance systems available, and (hopefully) skyrocketing their brand to the top of the list when it comes to the ‘safest’ cars to own and drive.