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Another Good Reason To Buy A Prius

Toyota Prius owners love to brag about the money they save by not needing to fill up their gas tank as frequently as their neighbors who don’t own hybrid vehicles. Now they have another reason to brag: a recent report showed the Toyota Prius to be one of the least likely vehicles to be stolen.

This is both a good thing and a bad things because it likely denotes the fact that people still are not very enamored with the Prius.

Does the Prius go farther on a tank of fuel than a non-hybrid vehicles? Of course it does. Will it win a “Cutest Car” contest? Not very likely.

Electric and hybrid vehicle designers seem to have trouble adapting the look of these vehicles to the coolness factor that comes with needing to fill up more often. Sure, there are extensive electrical systems to consider and the massive battery compartments, but you might think they would have come up with a way to work around those things by now.

Remember the “Thing”? Not the member of the Fantastic Four but the Volkswagon, two-wheel drive, convertible off-road vehicle they brought to the United States in 1973. Only to remove it from the market in 1974 when sales fell through the floor. Not only did Americans not buy these vehicles they mocked anyone who did. It didn’t matter that the Thing was a solid off-road vehicle which some arguably claim was the forerunner of the Sport Utility Vehicle. What mattered was that nobody seemed to want one because they didn’t think they were very, well, cute.

Prius, and just about every other reasonably priced electric vehicle on the market, has the same problem. Despite their enhanced electronics systems and the fuel savings they offer, these new vehicles simply are not very attractive.

For now, this is a problem no electric vehicle manufacturer has been able to solve. Sure, the Tesla S is a great looking car, but it is not for the average American family. What the market needs is a decent electric or hybrid electric vehicle that runs good, and looks great. Then they can start worrying about someone stealing their cars, too.