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Rabbits Wreak Havoc In Denver

Turns out, hungry bunnies like to eat electrical wiring. At least, they do in Denver, specifically the rabbits living near the Denver International Airport. Their victims are vehicles parked at the airport while their owners travel the world for business or pleasure.

Unfortunately for the bunnies, not only is electrical wiring not healthy (what, didn’t their mothers teach them to eat carrots?) but officials at Denver International Airport have decided the bunnies must go before more serious damage is done.

So far only three vehicle owners have reported damage as a result of the rabbit incursion. Considering there were more than 4 million different parking transactions at Denver International Airport last year, the rabbits clearly aren’t getting around as much as you might expect if you watch a lot of Bugs Bunny cartoons. But as far as DIA is concerned, three is clearly too many.

Denver International Airport officials have launched an all-out war against the rabbits which includes capturing and relocating the furry critters. So far this year the plan is to remove 100 of bunnies a month from the area, likely to be relocated some place where parked cars are not on the menu. They have also asked parking companies to install special fencing and barriers which will help make it more difficult for the bunnies to gain access to parked cars.

The DIA is also offering some free suggestions to people who park there and want to protect their vehicles from the rabbits. Specifically, what is being recommended is urine. Not just any urine, but the urine of an animal which is the rabbit’s natural predator, like a coyote or a fox. Believe it or not, animal urine is readily available at hunting stores.

So if you’re planning a trip out of Denver International Airport any time soon you might want to make a quick stop on your way to the parking area. Just try not to sniff the bottle for authenticity.