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Wondering How Much it Costs to ship a car? It depends...

The first question just about everyone asks when it comes to car shipping is "how much will it cost to ship my car?" While price shouldn't be the only reason for choosing a car shipper, there's no doubt that cost is a major factor in the decision. Unfortunately, unlike many other products and services, the cost to ship a car cannot be fixed. It depends heavily on several variables.

Factors Affecting Car Shipping Cost

Here are the major factors that affect pricing of a car shipping process.

  • The shipping cost depends first and foremost on the type of car being shipped. The size and weight of a car transport carrier is restricted by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, so the larger and heavier a single vehicle is, the more it will cost to ship it because the less room the carrier will have for other vehicles. Thus, an SUV or a truck is going to cost more than a sedan or a hatchback.
  • As you might expect, the distance plays a major role in determining price. It costs more to ship cars farther, so the price will increase according to the distance between the starting point and the destination. It is important to note, however, that some routes are far more common than others, and these generally allow carriers to provide cheaper rates because the arrangements are easier to make and they can divide the costs over more vehicles.
  • The third variable in determining shipping cost is the type of carrier used to ship cars. Open carriers are the standard and are cheaper than enclosed carriers, which have walls and a roof to completely surround the vehicles. Closed carriers are suitable only when the value of the car or the harshness of the route or season warrants greater protection.
  • Other costs associated with shipping a car are extremely variable and cannot be controlled by either you or the carrier. Fuel costs are probably the single biggest expense associated with car shipping, and as any driver knows only too well, these are constantly in flux. Tolls associated with the route will also likely be factored in.
  • Finally, the auto transporter's overhead costs will also contribute to the price you pay. These include driver salaries, administration costs, and equipment maintenance.

How to save money on your car shipping
The best way to save money when you ship a car is to compare prices from several car shipping companies. Auto Transport Depot makes this easy by providing quotes from up to 8 different shippers in under a minute. Enter your information once and receive estimates from, as well as complete contact information for, several qualified, licensed, and experienced professional car shippers in your area.

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